Fitness boot camps are one of the best options available for people who need to have a little extra boost when it comes to getting healthy and moving forward with their weight loss goals. When a person thinks of “boot camp”, they envision a militaristic environment complete with a drill sergeant and army style exercises. The truth is, for people who need an extra push, a fitness boot camp may be just the thing to get them on the right track.


Individuals who lack motivation will not have a problem at boot camp. Instructors are there to push the campers and help them to understand that without motivation and dedication, they will not get the desired results. Sometimes, campers may feel like the instructors are too hard on them, but the trainers have an extensive education in how the body works and how much it can withstand. They have also reviewed each camper’s file and know their physical capabilities.


Hiring a personal trainer can be quite expensive. An hour with a personal trainer can cost as much as $150 depending on what the hour includes. Fitness boot camp is round the clock training. Exercise is not the only aspect of the camp. While a personal trainer focuses primarily on exercise and toning the body. Boot campers are taught the importance of both rest and proper diet in addition to the ethics of effective exercise. They are taught how to prepare foods in healthy ways and what types of foods offer the most nutrition.

Team Work

In a boot camp setting, individuals have the support of other campers. While there are exercises that are designed for individual achievement, there are also ones designed for team play. This type of activity allows campers to actively support and assist others in reaching their fitness goals. Teams often cook and exercise together. By working together, they can learn several things from one another, including different cooking techniques and ways to add spices that offer additional nutritional support as well as flavor.


One unique aspect that boot camps offer over regular personal trainers is they have the capability of offering several different types of activities. Most personal trainers only work in the gym. Trainers and instructors who work at boot camps are adept at working with swimming programs, team sports, individualized exercise programs and class oriented exercises and activities that offer a wide variety of tools that can be used once the person has completed their boot camp training. The key to effective and sustained weight loss is not allowing the body to become accustomed to one type of exercise or activity. Boot camps teach campers how to continually change their routines so the body does not fall into a pattern and plateau.

Fitness boot camps are not for everyone. For those who thrive in this type of environment, it can be a life changing experience that will offer benefits for several years to come. Not only does it provide beneficial resources, it also teaches the campers how to implement changes that will continue to help them stay motivated.

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