At 3Q Fitness we believe that a healthy body, mind and lifestyle will ultimately lead to higher productivity and efficiency in everyday life, including the workplace. If you are serious about wanting to improve profitability and energy at the workplace then look no further than 3Q Fitness.

How can 3Q Fitness benefit organizations?

  • Healthy and fit employees are likely to be more productive through higher energy levels and higher self-esteem
  • A healthy employee will cost the company less money due to lower health care costs, lower absenteeism and fewer employee sick days.
  • Create a stronger sense of community amongst company employees and leadership
  • Build a foundation for more effective communication between departments as well as chain of command
  • Increased productivity from employees will result in lower company costs and increased company profitability

Why 3Q Fitness?

  • We can be your facility or come to your facility
  • Effective and intense group training that will bring FAST results
  • Safe and modifiable training programs
  • Experienced and highly trained coaching staff
  • We will track performance as well as body composition and measurement’s from day one
  • Offer and provide nutritional counseling and dietary guidelines

Contact us to get started

Phone: 1 (972) 494-2545