Our Mission

Our mission is to be THE primary resource dedicated to improving the overall health of the Garland and surrounding area community by using the most efficient and effective fitness training and individual programming, outstanding member services, caring and constant feedback in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

CrossFit Garland is a private training school of lifelong elite fitness. Our focus is totally on helping you achieve your fitness and performance goals in a way that serves your life.  Balance is one of the keys to optimal health and we have integrated CrossFit methodology into our training practice to deliver the most powerful, efficient, and transformational way to Forge Lifelong Elite Fitness.

We offer private and small group training programs, specifically designed to personally focus on getting the best performance out of you. We require your maximum effort every time you walk through the door. Leave your baggage at home and your ego at the door.

Your performance is monitored strictly with nutrition being of primary importance – no matter how hard you try, you will never out train a bad diet; so don’t waste your time trying. This is NOT A GYM where you come in, work out to just go through the motions, and pay a month to month membership fee. Here, we go hard and we get results.  So if you are content with giving less than your best effort in your workouts or are sloppy and regularly undisciplined with your eating habits, then we’re NOT the place for you.

No matter where you are, we are here to get you to where you want to go – if you are serious and fully committed to being the best you can be. We don’t train just anyone. We are prepared to only work with those who are prepared to be committed to optimal health.  Our promise is that we will not waste your time.  And for the slackers, we won’t allow you to waste ours. You will get 100% commitment and dedication from us; we expect the same from you. With that mindset, you will soon being enjoying a level of fitness and vitality that many only dream of.

It’s simple, but it’s not necessarily easy.  The exercises we teach you are simple, but they are not always going to be easy.  Eating supportively to achieve your goals is a simple concept, but it’s not going to be easy to execute perfectly.  Dedicating 4-5 hours a week to reach your goals is simple, but certainly not going to be easy. To improve your body composition and increase your quality of life you have to work hard – it doesn’t come easy. To improve your sports performance you have to work hard for it – it doesn’t come easy.  To improve your work/personal life you have to work hard for it – it doesn’t come easy.  Look, nothing worth having comes easy.

If  you bring your “A” game everyday, and always look for ways to improve, then you’re going to have great success.


  1. Your body composition will improve using our supportive nutrition program
  2. Your fitness and sports performance will improve through the fundamental movements of CrossFit.
  3. Your work and personal life will improve by doing 1 and 2 consistently.

We deliver results by design, not coincidence – if you train intensely and eat supportively, you will have success.

CrossFit Garland Challenge

There are those in this world who refuse. Refuse to settle. Refuse to Quit.  Those who are not content with meeting the standard but who always seek to set it and keep raising the bar.  They are not super human although you may think that’s so.  They are “fearfully and wonderfully made”  and they know this.  They also know there are depths of commitment in all of us that few are willing to ever go.  It is here that they find out what they are made of.  It is here that they reach they’re true potential.

This is their home…Do you have what it takes to make it yours?


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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to lose weight - but I also want to be healthier in the longer term. Can CrossFit help with that?

Beyond helping you reach your short term goals, CrossFit can also help you protect yourself from the ravages of both time and disease. Where do you currently fall on the continuum called “health”?

Sickness <–> Wellness <–> Fitness

Most people find themselves at “wellness”, which might seem okay at first glance – but actually leaves you more easily susceptible to slide down the scale to sickness.

But the time is NOW to take strategic steps closer to fitness. Our CrossFit classes will shape your body into a lean, mean fitness machine – one which not only prevents sickness and injury, but also let’s you enjoy life in good health well into the future!

The gym down the street offers classes, what's so special about Crossfit?

We get asked this question a lot. Sure, the gym offers classes that are going to make you sweat – but at what cost? Because classes are often overcrowded and under-staffed, chances are you could get injured easily because of the lack of personalized attention to develop the right form and technique.

Also – have you ever been to a gym class for the first time? The whole thing is pretty intimidating. The classes move so fast that it’s difficult for you to catch your rhythm – resulting in awkward, uncomfortable and embarrassing moments when you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing! Worse yet – this cycle just repeats itself when you jump from class to class to add a bit of variety to your routine – I mean, who wants to do the same thing everyday? We don’t.

Compared to a gym, Crossfit classes are a breath of fresh air. We compare it to having your own personal trainer but only in an encouraging, accepting small group setting. Here at 3Q we help you get the most out of the classes from start to finish – including mixing-up your workouts daily while helping you stay true to your goals.

With CrossFit it’s all personal. You actually get to know the instructor and the people in your classes – people who are working towards similar goals and can really keep you motivated to achieve your personal best. And your Crossfit Coach? He/She will help you push to reach your best, adjust the intensity of the workouts, understand the movements and most importantly prevent injury.

In short – there is simply NO comparison between your gym’s classes and CrossFit.

How can I get started with CrossFit? What should I expect?

Pick up the phone and schedule an Intro Session. We’ll then sit down for 30 minutes to discuss your goals and whether the CrossFit Program is right for you. (There’s absolutely no pressure – if nothing else, this intro gives us a chance to get to know a Garland neighbor!) If you decide you’d like to move forward – the next step would be to select the membership option that works best for you (we’ll help you with that) – you’ll be making progress (and dropping jaws) before you know it!