3Q Fitness Studio has developed a range of Lifestyle services to help you bridge the information gap and make better health-related choices both inside and outside of your time with us.

Comprehensive Assessment

How far away are you from reaching your goals? 3Q Fitness Studio’s Comprehensive Assessment is the first step that helps us understand where you are in relation to your goals, identify potential obstacles, and creates a baseline for improvement.


How can you develop healthy eating habits? Nutrition is the cornerstone of everything we do. 3Q Fitness Studio provides cutting-edge information on how to reset your metabolism, get real about your eating habits, and feel great about what you eat.

Program Design

How can you incorporate smart program design at your home gym? If you have the equipment and prefer to workout on your own,  we can help you create and implement a customized training program and a effective cardiovascular / nutritional protocol to help you reach your specific goals.


How can you help your company foster healthier employees and workplace? 3Q Fitness Studio’s expert leadership speaks publicly on engaging topics ranging from fitness, health and productivity to reducing stress.