Personal Training

3Q Fitness Personal Training is a premium service which allows you one-on-one attention with our dedicated, knowledgeable fitness professions who craft fully customized fitness plans and varied exercises / nutrition regimens to help you reach your goals  much faster than you could do on your own!

Voted one of the top 55 Personal Trainers in the United States, you can feel confident that you are working with the very best. 3Q Fitness offers personal training services to our clientele in our state-of-the-art training facility in Garland Texas.

We recommend all of our clients to complete the Comprehensive Assessment before engaging in Personal Training services – allowing us to efficiently track your progress and identify any unique physical / medical challenges before engaging in training activities.


Private Personal Training

We don’t just “work out” – we provide custom exercises that are efficient, fun and varied. Most importantly we tailor our approach to fit your specific goals, body composition and desired intensity – helping you feel your best and prevent any frustrating injuries. Our Personal Training Programs help you:

  • Look Great with a stronger, faster, leaner body that feels great in your clothes.
  • Stay Motivated by working with someone who keeps you on track and accountable.
  • Be a Role Model by bringing home healthy tips to share with family and friends.

We offer one-hour personal training sessions throughout the weekdays and weekends – both in early mornings, daytime and evenings. 3Q Fitness strives to make it easy to make your health a priority – even with a busy schedule!

Private Personal Training

We work with highly committed individuals.  Price depends on your Training Schedule

12-Week Personal Training Program

Are you motivated by a clear beginning and clear end to a training program? We offer a relatively high intensity program designed to help you reach your goals in 12 weeks flat.

Semi-Private / Small Group Personal Training

Are you interested in personal training, but would like a more affordable option? Or a way to engage with friends or family members? Semi-Private or Small Group Training may be a great option for you!

What makes you different than other Personal Trainers?

We don’t offer cookie-cutter programs and we NEVER just give you a workout. We are highly qualified fitness professionals with both real-world and academic experience working with human performance. Beyond general qualifications, we truly take great personal pride in delivering exceptional service and helping our clients to get where they want to go.

I've never worked with a Personal Trainer before. What should I expect from a session?

Our one-hour personal training sessions are phased into three components:

10 minutes: Dynamic Warm-up and Movement Preparation
(we teach you how to safely warm up your body in a way that stimulates the nervous system and muscles to prepare them to work and stay injury free)

30-35 minutes: Customized Exercise Program (Your Personal Time With Us)
(there’s no time for sitting around as we keep you moving through compound movements involving various training methods. This is the most efficient way to train your body by involving every muscle in each workout. Your metabolic rate will sky rocket and your body will transform in a matter of weeks. )

20 minutes: Integrative Flexibility or Interval Training
(You will enhance your flexibility through self myofascial release rolling, as well as other techniques. The time may also be spent performing intervals if your goal is body fat reduction.)

* Each client is unique and every 30-minute session allows for the ability to customize your individual needs within the time frame.

I'd like to lose a lot of weight - is Personal Training the most efficient way to do so?

Short answer: Yes. We use the “7 components of success” with all of our personal training clients to maximize their results. They include:

  1. Nutrition – The Foundation for a Long & Healthy Life
  2. Supplementation – To Fill the Voids in our Diet
  3. Resistance Training – To develop Lean, Toned Muscle and “Super Charge” your Metabolism
  4. Cardiovascular Exercise – To Optimize Fat Burning
  5. Mobility – To Prevent Injury
  6. Recovery – To Assist with Soft Tissue Repair and to Promoe Healing
  7. Coaching – To Provide Expert Knowledge, Support and Accountability – all the things that make the difference in “getting you to the finish line”