Performance Training

3Q Fitness specializes in working with young female athletes to help them take their performance to the next level – becoming stronger, quicker, more coordinated and balanced. Giving them an edge over their competition and preventing injuries so they can have their best performances when the college scouts are watching.  Click HERE to learn more about our Female Volleyball Performance Training Program

We also work with Dallas’ top physicians and physical therapists to get injured, high level female athletes back to optimal performance and playing pain free once again.

We specialize in working with high school, collegiate and pro athletes to help them perform at their highest genetic potential in Volleyball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Basketball, Triathlon, Swimming, Gymnast, Tennis, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Rugby, Endurance Racing and many more.

Private Sports Performance Training

Our sports performance training program can help you:

  • Win More Games with a renewed confidence and competitive advantage
  • Supplement Existing Training with cutting-edge techniques trusted by elite-level athletes
  • Impress Coaches / Scouts with improved power, speed, agility and athleticism
  • Avoid / Rehabilitate Nagging Injuries that would otherwise set you back in your training

Train in one-on-one sessions with a dedicated sports performance professional at our state-of-the-art training facility in Garland, Texas

Private Sports Performance Training

We work with highly committed individuals and require a minimum commitment of 12 weeks.

Small Group / Team Performance Training

Are you interested in sports performance training, but would like a way to save money or train with your teammates? Contact us today to learn more about our affordable Small Group and Team Sports Performance Training options.

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