3Q Fitness has a systematic approach to help your daughter improve her volleyball performance by first identifying limiting factors and then implementing the right training systems to take her from where she is, to becoming a difference maker for her team.

She’ll be a more competent athlete and have the ability to express that athleticism on the court at will.  She’ll also be less prone to getting injured, have more confidence,  more fun, an overall richer playing experience, and increase her chances of success in playing at more competitive levels.

Key benefits of our program include:

  • Functional Movement Assessment to evaluate movement limitations or deficits that are preventing your daughter from being the athlete she can become.
  • Structural Assessment to determine what underlying structural or joint bio-mechanical problems exist that can lead to serious injury.
  • Performance Assessment to obtain key baseline information about how your daughter performs today and to track improvement in those areas as she continues her training experience.
  • Specific corrective exercise programming designed to correct and improve bio-mechanical error and movement deficits.
  • Structured performance training sessions to enhance strength (upper body, lower body, core), explosiveness and power, flexibility, speed and quickness, endurance and stamina.
  • Supportive, positive, small group environment with other competitive female volleyball athletes that’s challenging and encourages their best work.

Dear Parents:

On a beautiful late spring afternoon, three years ago, two young women graduated from the same high school. They were very much alike, these two young women. Both had been better than average students, they were good athletes as well as volleyball teammates, both were personable and both – as young high school graduates are – were filled with ambitious dreams.  Only their dream was to be highly successful collegiate volleyball athletes.

Recently, these two women  returned to their high school to celebrate homecoming with family and friends.

They were still very much alike. Both were in their junior year of college. Both were on the Dean’s List each year. And both, it turned out, had gone to school at the same Division 1 University after graduation, and were all set to graduate the following year.

But there was a difference. One of the young women was a successful student. The other was a successful volleyball student-athlete enjoying her selection as conference MVP, celebrating her teams’ bid to the NCAA Tournament, and an invitation to try out for the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team.

What Made The Difference

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in an athlete’s life? It isn’t always natural ability or talent or dedication. It isn’t that one athlete wants success and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies in the investment parents and athletes make during those critical developmental years before, during, and after high school.

How each athlete trains and develops to increase their athletic ability and work capacity…  How injury free each athlete can remain in order to stay on the court and get the repetition she needs to acquire great skills and game experience…  How she fuels her body with the proper nutrition for optimal performance and recovery…  More importantly, how she makes use of this knowledge to reach her goals.

And that is why I am writing this for you and for parents like you, to tell you about our Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention Training Program For Female Volleyball Athletes. For that is the whole purpose of our Program: To enhance athleticism and work capacity and reduce injury potential for female volleyball athletes so they can realize their dream – to achieve success playing at the highest possible competitive levels of high school, club, or collegiate volleyball.

Volleyball Performance


Are you interested in scheduling time to meet with me personally so we can determine how to help you help your daughter reach the level of success she dreams of?

If your daughter has a strong desire to succeed in competitive volleyball, we are your partner to help get her where you know she can go.

I’m a husband and father of three budding young female athletes.  So I understand wanting the best for your daughter and going to great and, what some people make think, extreme lengths to make sure they have everything they need to be successful.

Coming from a family of athletes, I wasn’t surprised to see my daughters showing signs of  having some athletic ability at an early age.  As a performance coach, I noticed there were many resources for teaching female athletes how to develop skills, techniques, and tactics to play their sport.  However, I was surprised by how few resources were available for female athletes to become more athletic.  So we often times have a situation where we have a highly skilled female athletes that do not have the athleticism to completely and successfully express the skills they have worked so hard to learn and refine.

So I decided to devote my time, energy, and focus to become that resources for parents and their daughters.  We have adapted a performance training program used by world class professional and decorated collegiate athletes such as Mia Hamm, Lisa Leslie, and Cat Mundy and have learned from  some of the best strength and conditioning specialists in the world.

The 3Q Fitness Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention Training Program For Female Volleyball Athletes was created to give female volleyball athletes a significant performance advantage over their competition while also reducing their injury potential.  Our program is based on an integrated approach using scientifically proven techniques and methods that help make female volleyball athletes quicker, stronger, more powerful and explosive, and less prone to sustaining nagging injuries that can keep them off the court.

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