A Coaching Program Designed for this Moment — and for You

Previously, I wrote about the importance of continuing your coaching and accountability program — now more than ever. Now that we’ve addressed the “why” you should keep training and focusing on nutrition, let’s talk about the “how.” During this challenging time, we’re working to make it as convenient as possible to keep up your fitness and progress, with a flexible coaching program designed to around your needs.

Speaking of designed around your needs…  I had a check-in with Ron Talley today and he shared his goal of prepping for a 5k race and running to improve his time. He’d been running 4 miles once a week to get it in, but without any real thought about progressions. We chatted for about 5-7 minutes and I was able to share several different ways he could make the work he’s doing more effective and impactful for his overall goal. That and he also has a huge reason coming up in a few months to continue getting leaner, so we discussed ways to help him burn more fat, get leaner, and improve his 5k time. You’re not alone in this – we’re here for you so make sure you take advantage of everything your coaching program includes.

So Many Ways to Connect

As part of your coaching program, you have easy access to a dedicated personal coach who’s here to make sure the program is working for you — and that you’re working toward to your goals. Connect with your personal accountability coach face-to-face via FaceTime or Zoom video conferencing. Or shoot your coach an email, text message, or Facebook message — and expect a quick response. We’re ready to answer your questions, keep you accountable, adjust your program, and make sure you’re getting what you need.

Work Out When You Want

We’re continuing to host online live group classes led by a coach on Zoom, Monday through Friday at 7am and 6pm, with another class at 9am Saturday. These classes are a great way to reconnect with other Tribe members, get in a great workout together, and remind yourself that you’re not going through this alone. Can’t make it at those specific times? Watch and follow the recorded workouts online when it’s convenient for you.

Automatic Accountability

We know it’s easy to skip a workout or give in to unhealthy cravings, especially when dealing with the boredom and/or stress of staying at home. That’s why we’re doing regular one-on-one accountability check-ins each week (more if needed) as part of your coaching program. Forget to reach out to your coach? No problem, we’ll be sure to reach out to you to make sure your training is staying on track.

Times are hard enough right now. This doesn’t have to be. We want your coaching program to simplify your training, make it easier to reach your fitness goals, and improve your quality of life. If there’s something you’d like to see from your coaching program, let us know. And thanks for letting us continue to be a part of your health and fitness journey!

I’ll continue sharing more specific details about our coaching and accountability program over the next few days, and how we’re confronting the current moment to help you stay healthy and fit in body, mind, and spirit. We’re also looking at what re-opening looks like and will be considering different scenarios to account for everyone’s health and safety. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. We may be isolating, but I’m still here for you.  Call or text me anytime at 214-215-0686 (Robert).

And if you know someone who’s struggling and they want or need help with their health and fitness during this time, have them schedule a free 3Q Fitness Breakthrough & Discovery Call.

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