Cailee Ellsworth

Cailee Ellsworth


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • NCAA DI Gymnast


  • Bachelor's Degree (Kinesiology), University of Arkansas


Coach Cailee Ellsworth comes from a gymnastics background and started at the early age of 3 years old and attended Allen High School. Cailee had high expectations to further her career as a Division 1 Gymnast but was met with adversity and a number of injuries. Amongst the long list of injuries, which included 2 dislocated elbows, a bicep tear and torn labrum in her shoulder, Cailee’s gymnastic career looked slim at best, and any hopes of offers from a D1 school looked unlikely.

Luckily for Cailee, she wasn’t too familiar with the word quit, and decided to piece her career back, from the very bottom. A long rehabilitation program and number of years of intensive training, Cailee finally got some interest from Arkansas, and was invited to try out for the team. Cailee impressed the coaches from the get go and was offered a spot, albeit as a walk on. This was the opportunity Cailee had been waiting for and went from strength to strength and found herself making the line up for more and more events. After her Freshman year, Cailee continued to work during the off season and her tenacity, skill and perseverance paid off when she was eventually offered a scholarship. She had finally obtained the one thing that she had worked so hard for, and it was an emotional moment her.

Cailee went on to say “When Coach Cook told me that he had put me on scholarship I couldn’t contain my smile, I started crying and everyone was so happy for me. I had a huge sense of accomplishment because I finally achieved a goal that I had set for myself back when I five years old. All I ever wanted to do was to get a scholarship from a Division I program, and now it’s happened. This means the world to me.”

 Unfortunately, with all competitive sport, the day must come when you have to say goodbye. Finding something to do after being a professional Athlete is difficult and most things you find to replace the sport you did religiously never seem to adequate, but when Cailee found CrossFit, that spark reignited! Cailee said “CrossFit has allowed me to continue to seek that perfection I strive for and to stay competitive. I’m so grateful that I can still work towards goals and and test myself.”

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