Kyle Palm

Kyle Palm


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer


  • Bachelor's Degree (Sports Science), University West of England


Coach Kyle Palm was born in Newcastle, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa and from the early age of 5, he had a keen interest in Rugby. He continued to play through High School and left South Africa to pursue a career playing Rugby in England. After a year of try-outs and University visits, he was offered a scholarship at Britain’s finest rugby University, Hartpury College.

 Having won multiple National titles, Hartpury proved to be the stepping stone needed for Kyle to break into the professional ranks and was offered dual contracts with Gloucester and Pertemps Bee’s. Kyle said “Gloucester, who play rugby in England’s top tier Premiership division was the goal and I felt a great sense of relief finally obtaining that goal as I had sacrificed so much to get there”. But with a physical sport like rugby, Kyle sustained a serious shoulder injury which required extensive surgery and 13 months rehab and it was at this point he realized that rugby could be taken away at any point. From this, He started a business and continued to play rugby.

 Eventually, Rugby brought Kyle over to Allen, Texas. “I wanted to see my playing days off with a little adventure and coming out to play rugby in Texas sounded like a great way to top my career” Kyle went on to say “I want to finish rugby enjoying it. I realize that it takes a toll on the body and I want to walk away from it healthy, but I also know it will leave a huge hole in my life”. Finding something to fill the gap of competitive sport was tough on Kyle, but once he tried CrossFit, he knew he had a new Hobby. Kyle went on to say “CrossFit has humbled me. Training for Rugby, especially in pre-season when you work on conditioning is tough, don’t get me wrong…but you adapt and it becomes part of your job, but CrossFit is different. There are so many areas to improve on that you are constantly working on bettering yourself, constantly evolving. It has so many challenges and I look forward to getting better everyday.”

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