John Randolph

""...more support than I've ever received from a group of coaches...""

John Randolph
John Randolph

I signed up for the 6-Week Challenge sponsored by CrossFit Garland not knowing what to expect other than some pain since I hadn’t hit a gym or done any consistent physical activity for over 10 years. Yes, the pain was there! There was also more support than I’ve ever received from a group of coaches that took on the challenge to help me start down this new path.

After completing the 6-Week Challenge, I was amazed at the changes:
– Down 9 pounds
– I don’t wake up with my feet and knees hurting from joint pain
– 10 years of back pain caused by poor health is non-existent
– I have more energy than I’ve had in years
– I had started using medication at the beginning of 2017 to help with my sleep but now sleep better than I have in years with no medicine to help
– My clothes actually FIT AGAIN!!!

It has not been an easy transformation and it is definitely not the end – just the end of Chapter 1. Excited to be a part of CrossFit Garland and look forward to new goals, achievements and working with a great group of coaches to help me achieve the things that I thought were in the past! Let’s see what Chapter 2 looks like!!

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